This Is What Your Signature Says About Your Personality

  • 3:42 pm March 7, 2018
  • bhavna

Your signature is considered as your identity. It is said that your handwriting or way you make your signatures reveals a lot about your personality both personally and professionally.Move through below styles and see which one is yours and know some facts related to your signature styles.

Being Cautious

A downward aligned sign indicates that you calculate the risks associated with any project before finally getting on to it. However, you may have a pessimistic attitude towards life.


A Person using only initials in his signatures tends to be Private and does not seem to share much information about his life with outside world.

Line Below

When you sign below your signature it indicates that you give much importance to yourself and always like to boast about your achievements.

Right Slant

When your signatures are slanting towards the right, this indicates that you possess an outgoing type of personality. Can also be known as an extrovert.

Signing Straight

You are a straightforward person if your signatures are easily readable. Such styles also tell that person is modest and possess confidence in dealing with situations.

Sharp Minded

A sharp minded person or those who are busy in their routines have illegible signatures. Such people have an inclination to remain mysterious and enigmatic towards all. Nevertheless, they are nice people.

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Sign in Style

Those who love to sign in the style often like to make a statement about self. Often they are very creative and if you see them they do everything in their own style.

Capital Letters

If the first letter in your signature is large and capital, this means that you are a person with self-esteem and can become arrogant if you don’t maintain a check on it.

Struggles in Life

There is a great sense of struggles and achievements in the life of people whose signatures have clear first and last name. They tend to value the struggles in life.

Motivated Individual

If there is a flick at the end of signature then you are full of creativity and wisdom. This also indicates that the person is full of motivation to move ahead in life.

First Name

Those signing using the first name only want to have their own identity without being linked to their family’s achievements.