This Photographer Got Banned Since He Captured These Photos.

  • 1:33 pm May 10, 2018
  • mariam

North Korea is known for their unique facts and rules. It is also very mysterious. North Korea people are unaware of the real world. One weird fact is that no tourist is allowed to interact with the local men. They say how harsh this country has become. half of the people in North Korea population stay in poverty. But here we have the photographer who got banned for breaking the important rule of North Korea.

Uncomfortable Bed To Sleep

The biggest reason to ban this photographer is that he is showing the dark side of the North Korea people. It is very difficult to imagine my life without sleep on my soft bed. I wonder if how this man is sleeping without a fluffy and uncomfortable place. Feeling pity for this man.

This is very painful to see a man sleeping on big rocks. This rock bed is so uncomfortable that it is giving me a backache.

Half of the North Korea Is In Poverty

North Korea is in a Horrific condition thanks to its autocratic ruler. The photographer was not allowed to take pictures which resembles the poverty where children are working hard for drinking water. These pictures just show worse. This is not a good sight for humanity.

Children are starving everyday

Smiling face of these malnourished kids makes a common sight across North Korea. It is so painful watching kids in this condition in North Korea. The photographer was not allowed to click such pictures. My heart is weeping.

Army helping the locals

Army men in this country do this job. They help the local travelers and people who need them. I am sure North Korea is the only country where army men are made to do this. This shows the unity among them. North Korea doesn't want to show broken things of their country to be a showcase but this image shows the broken bus which is against the law.

The Dolphin Show

In the whole country, this is one of those things that you are allowed to take the pictures of. But you can only capture the dolphins and not the audience. So, this image is illegal in North Korea as per the rule.

The Resting Room For The people who can't go home

It is not really resting room. This is how people in North Korea rest on benches without any rooms. They work hard and take rest as they have to work another day for their basic needs. The photographer got banned for showing this mother-son homeless.

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Malnutrition Covered

Sad to see all this! This innocence is undernourishment and covered behind the clothes. This is also against the law of North Korea.

River Secret Of North Korea

North Korea doesn't want other countries to know about their River secret. People in North Korea take bath in the river which is very common there. But this photographer captured their secret and tried to reveal which is against their law.