This Teen's Hair Had To Be Shaved Completely But The Hairdresser Spends 13 Hours Fixing It Instead

  • 5:30 pm October 6, 2020
  • suhas

Teenage years are the most crucial years in every person's life. These years are the formative years where you shape your life for future. During these years, if you lose your confidence, you stand a chance of losing it forever. Thanks to this young hair dresser, this did not happen!

Melted Locks

As mentioned above, teenage years are the most crucial years in everybody's life. Now this is a story of a teenager who could've lost her confidence forever. The 16-year-old girl was dealing with melted locks and her hair was all tangled. It looked so bad that the only solution that would have been being to cut it all off.

The Challenge

But chopping her hair would mean ruining her self confidence. I mean, which teenage child )be it of any gender) would wanna go bald? When the girl went to the Iowa salon, she told her stylist Kayley Olsson to cut her hair off. But 20-year-old Olson wanted to take this opportunity to make, and take this challenge to make the teen feel better about herself.

The Split

Olson posted the entire story on Facebook. She did a record-breaking 13 hours split in 2 days to restore the teen's hair and her confidence in herself. She then posted the difference again which went viral all around in no time.


The new viral post with the changed her gained more than 75 thousand shares and more than 200 thousand likes. needless to say, it helped the girl a lot as the timing couldn't have been perfect. She had her school starting again in few days.

The Video

Don't you think it is amazing how a simple haircut made so much difference in this teens life. It not only changed her life for better, but it boosts her confidence up as well. Here's a video with this entire incident in detail.