Tony Futura, The Guy Who Has The Most Artistic Instagram Account Ever!

  • 3:31 pm May 14, 2018
  • Hazel

A graphic designer based in Berlin, Germany, Tony is an art director of creative agency and when he is not occupied with his other work projects on the visual content for various advertising agencies, he makes interesting, meme-like artworks that poke fun at the materialism and pop-culture focus of modern Western life.

The multiple faces we wear!

Socially we wear all sorts of faces like, the fake personality that we survive by. We act according to the people we are surrounded by. It is a good thing if you are an actor because then you make money out of your skills. It's also good to be socially acceptable by everyone. Just being nice. But it consumes all the realness of yourself from inside.

Negative people are a threat!

A perfect example of how one negative person can be a threat to all the people around him/her. When you know how toxic people around you can be, you automatically stray away from them but sometimes they are wearing a mask that presents them as a nice person.

Comfort vs Style

Comfort and style don't usually go hand in hand because they just don't fit in together. If you want to be a stylish you have to face some odds, in order to get that perfect fashion. Well, we don't want to be comfortable and look 'horrible' in others eyes. Another thing we do to please the society.

For Richer or Poorer with Tim Allen and Christie Alley

While we tend to believe all the celebrities have no problems in their lives. But it is not true they are going through a lot of trouble and have to make a lot of sacrifices to get there. This illustration is from the movie For Richer or Poorer with Tim Allen and Christie Alley but instead of the real actors, it's Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Realistic ads...

The realistic depiction of what sells. No one will buy Mc D if they show a fat person eating it but when they show a skinny hot girl it will be apt. It is strange how people associate with the body showcase to be better than what actually should be sold.

Adam and Steve

When we think of a couple, we have this mental image of 2 people of opposite gender. No matter how advanced we are getting, by accepting the LGBTQ community. We still tend to think the same stereotypical way. Adam and Eve are acceptable but Adam and Steve is a sin. Why is it so? We should change our thinking!

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We are consuming our world.

The problem is that we have realized that we are consuming our planet but we are ignorant of doing things to save it. We are taking all the advantages of the world has to offer but when it comes to giving back, we turn our backs. If only we get to invest in the well being of our world, it would be a better place to live in.

Fragile big brands

This is a realistic depiction of how a Brand is expensive and has a shelf life. But it is branded after all. You have to buy it to show off for the society. It shows status.

See no evil, Speak no evil

Seeing nothing, a hidden smile. Closed off, but in a happy face shape. All closed up. The irony is so amazing that anyone can relate to this even if they don't see the description.

Plastic surgery.

No one could have explained the reality of the plastic surgery so well. We consider the societies stereotypes to be our ideal image of perfection. Where in fact it should not impact our minds of how we see ourselves. We all are made different and we should be the same. Plastic surgery is not going to change what you are from the inside. Instead by the time passes by you tend to look more horrible.