Top 10 Most-Liked Posts On Instagram

  • 1:17 pm November 20, 2022
  • suhas

Instagram is the kind of app that Despite our better judgement, we just can't seem to stop using. Furthermore, there are the celebs we can't stop following on the app, as well as the posts we like, scroll, and like some more. It's a vicious cycle, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. On the plus side, the pictures below, the ones that have received the most "likes", are largely positive things. moments of joy, such as pregnancy announcements. wedding photos etc.. Sincere to goodness, the only significant distinction between this collection of images and those of your friend is a few professional photographers and, of course, millions and millions of dollars. Another image is a stock image of an egg. Let's start now, shall we? We will.

10.) @billieeilish’s Blonde Hair Reveal

22.6 Million Likes

The first step in getting your hair coloured is showing it off on Instagram; going to the hairdresser comes in second. After sharing this event with her followers, singer Billie Eilish received approximately 23 million likes, so it appears that they definitely approved the hairstyle.

9.) @kyliejenner Introducing Her Baby Boy

22.9 Million Likes

We weren't shocked when Kylie Jenner's image of her daughter Stormi cradling her new-born baby brother, Wolf Webster (for the time being), caught everyone's eye (and likes).

8.) @cristiano and Messi For Louis Vuitton

24.6 Million Likes

This newest addition to the most liked Instagram photos, which was only posted like nine hours ago, shows football legends Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo competing in a game of chess that is being sponsored by luxury brand Louis Vuitton. By the time we click publish on this update, we bet that this piece will have already risen in the rankings.

7.) @tomholland‘s Spiderverse Meme

24.7 Million Likes

This should go in the Hall of Fame of Memes! The Internet couldn't get enough of the memes, and Tom Holland obliged as our favorite web-slinging heroes made their first joint appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home's Multiverse.

6.) @kyliejenner’s Pregnancy Announcement

24.8 Million Likes

Another most-liked winner on this list, Kylie Jenner announced her second pregnancy with rapper Travis Scott on Instagram before giving birth in February 2022. Naturally, likes came next.

5.) @zendaya‘s Birthday Wish For Tom Holland

25.5 Million Likes

Instagram went crazy when Zendaya sent Tom Holland, her on-screen and real-life boyfriend, "the happy birthday" text in June of this year. We applaud the couple for shattering the stereotype of the tall woman and short man.