Identical Twin Sisters Marry Identical Twin Brothers And The Confusion Which Arises Is For Everyone To See

  • 2:45 pm August 21, 2018
  • Hazel

The stars had to align to make this incredible couples to come together in one union. This sounds like a fairytale, right? Well, this story is no less than a fairy tale, these couples literally doubled up for life. Only imagining twins getting married makes us wonder the consequences that will follow post marriage, what if they get confused with each other and what if their children are twins too and not just twins, they will be siblings. The thought gives room for all the confusing possibilities that might be a reality. Their love is enough to bear all the confusion and still be in love to begin a family together.


Well, you might think that this is impossible as it sounds like a fairy tale which feels like a dream. Twins marrying twins? All the twins out there must have given this scenario a thought and shortlist all the other consequences that might come with it.

You all know what we mean by, "consequences", right?

In this story, identical twin brothers Josh and Jeremy Salyers proposed to identical twin sisters Brittany and Briana Deane. They even had the perfect date to propose, the 2nd of February (or 2-2), They are got married in a joint ceremony at the 2018 Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio.

How cool is that?

Twice Upon a Time

The theme of the ceremony was as intriguing as the story. Twice Upon a Time, ain't it awesome? Identical twin ministers leading the way. Briana who married Jeremy told PEOPLE, “It’s really been a fairy tale come true. marrying twins are something that’s very important to us.”

Double fairy tale

Alone one fairy tale seems impossible but these two couples celebrated double fairy tale. Brittany said, “Even when we were little girls I can remember being in kindergarten, knowing that that is what we saw for ourselves. We knew that the chances were incredibly scarce. The stars had to align for our dreams to come true. I get to marry the man of my dreams and at the same time I get to look over next to me and see my twin sister marrying the man of her dreams.”

They met the first time

They even wore similar outfits. They all met last year at a festival and Brittany and Briana had been going for the same fest for years and this they met the twins Josh and Jeremy on the final day of 2017 twin gathering.

They even spoke the first time at the fest

Briana said, “I remember vividly the first time Brittany and I saw Josh, and Jeremy at the twins festival I also remember the first time we all spoke the last night of the festival. Its sort of like everything was in slow motion.”

The twin bond!

Brittany further added “If they couldn’t find identical twin girls that matched up well with them, they were never getting married I think that they experienced a lot of the same challenges dating what we call singletons, that means non-twins. It’s hard when you’re dating someone and they don’t understand the twin bond.”

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Their family planning

It is not it, they even thought that the twins couples also have further family plans and they have decided to live in the same house where they will even raise their children together.