What Does Your Wrist Lines Tell About Your Future?

  • 7:33 pm June 30, 2018
  • Hazel

Palmistry is so intriguing. It is really interesting to know about your destiny by just how the lines of your palm are placed. The interesting part is that everyone has the lines of their palms placed differently and everyone's destiny is different, as said by the palm readers. You might not believe in such things but there is nothing wrong with having some extra knowledge about your own palm lines, right? Palm readers say that these things do affect your life and you will definitely want to check what difference does it make, and what your “destiny” is…

First Wrist line

This reveals health issues. Being the first line it is indeed an important one and is situated closest near the palm. It should be clear, deep without any kind of breaks or chains or gaps you will enjoy great health.

For women, if the line bends upwards or broken it reveals that they will suffer gynecological problems like hormonal problems, irregular menstruation, difficulty in conceiving. That's going to make their life a bit hard but not impossible.

Second Wrist Line

Individual’s wealth expectation is revealed here. It stresses on the factors such as prosperity, wealth and happiness.

This line is supposed to be unbroken without any gaps otherwise the spaces and cracks tell about the financial hardships that one has to face in life. While a smooth curve tells about the luxury and wealth with which you will get in future.

It is also speculated that if your first line is broken and the other lines smooth then you may have overcome problems at your young age for a prosperous future.

Third Wrist Line

This line reveals that you will have fame, power, and influence that will influence your life.

It is a strong smooth curve that is unbroken and tells about your great influential destiny. It means that you will stand out from the crowd and be remembered for ages. Well, I suppose all the famous people possess this one. This third line tells your estimated lifetime is to be 69-84 years.

Fourth Wrist Line

Only a few people are blessed to have this one. It is a complementary line and you are a great person with high social presence.

It is actually strength given to the third line.

Rare Line

This rare 4th line is only gifted to some people and it runs parallel to the 3rd line and is viewed as complementary to it.

If you possess such a line it means that the fame and influence aspects associated with the third line are strengthened and fortified even further.

Well, there is more good news for these people... This extra line also signifies that one is expected to live to more than 84 years old.

And a darker fourth line indicates a strong social presence and might mean that you’ll have lots and lots of descendants. Well, you are going to have a big fat family!