Unrecognisable Pictures Of 10 Celebrities When They Weren't Famous

  • 6:56 pm September 8, 2020
  • suhas

Celebrities have this unseen pressure of looking and behaving a certain way. But most of us, especially the paparazzi, tend to forget that at the end of the day, these people are humans too. In these 10 instances, these famous celebrities let down their guard and got caught in the most random pictures. We got to say though, even in these random moments, they sure look stunning!


Undoubtedly this woman is Hollywood's best export to the world. Everyone who knows even remotely of Hollywood know how great she is with her work. Meryl Streep, back in the days, however, had a whole different side to her. Clicked on the subway, no one can deny that she is surely a stunner!


Robert Downey Jr, much much before Iron Man, was already a stunner. Seen here with his cat and wife, the actor has claimed to be a cat lover in many interviews. Infact he has also said that he has special communication skills with his kittens!


The ex-US President and by far the world's most favorite black president, Barack Obama has always been a stunner. His class apart personality and his chiseled looks always work in his favor, of course not denying the fact that he is indeed a great leader!


Speaking of World Leaders, Princess Diana was always known for both her decision making skills as well as her exquisite beauty. In this image, she can be seen in her casuals, simply having fun with her children. Motherhood was surely a good color on her!


This image is gold. When else will you be able to see two of the world's greatest musicians washing and drying vessels. Fame comes to those who wait. Back then, these two probably didn't know what a legacy they would leave behind!


This American Actress of Black Swan and more recently, Stranger Things fame is a drop dead gorgeous beauty. Even in her most effortless ways, she manages to stun people with her looks.

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Who would have thought that Brad Pitt would appear with these dreadlocks and long rasta hair, right? But this was him for a better part of his life and while he does look different, we cannot deny the fact that the face is just as charming as it always is!


Julia Roberts appeared for her Notting Hill movie promotions wearing a bright red dress and matching lipstick. What she also got along though was her unshaved underarms. Later on, Roberts went on to tell people that it was not at all a "statement" or feminist outlook, but just a clear misjudgement of the length of her sleeve!


This Oscar winning actor is everything a woman wants - Sensitive, smart and good looking. His picture here also shows his goofy side from his younger days. While you may misinterpret his hair for a stack of broom, you cannot deny that even in this avatar, he looks stunning!


Undoubtedly America's hottest actresses, Angelina Jolie needs no introduction. She has been around in Hollywood and proving her mettle since decades. Her work ranges from rom-coms to action packed films and she manages to stun in each one of them!