Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Bedroom Door Open at Night Before Sleeping!!

  • 6:11 pm August 16, 2020
  • suhas

Now here we are about to tell you something super interesting that we bet nobody would have ever told you! Take our suggestion and do not leave your bedroom door open before you sleep! Reason? Well, we have some very strong ones!

Blocks the Nosie

Let us start with an extremely simple and logical reason. Keeping the doors close will ensure that all the sound from outside is blocked. If not all, the major sound from outside is at least blocked! This will help you in having an extremely sound sleep! Remember, any discomfort while sleeping can cause major problems!

Positive Energy

Now here's another reason why you should ensure the you sleep in the shut room! According to Feng Shui, a closed door keeps positive energy inside. As soon as you open the door, the vibes/energy start escaping your room! This might end up becoming a reason for nightmares! So in case you don't want them, shut the door properly!

Better Chance of Surviving Fire

Now here's another very important and good reason to sleep in a shut room! You will have a better chance to survive a fire. If you leave your bedroom door open when you go to sleep and there is a fire, it could spread faster into your room. A closed door will give you enough time to think right and take an action for your survival!

Better To Fend Burglars off

Just like in the case of fire, a shut door will give you enough time to fend burglars off! A closed or, even better, a locked bedroom door can give you an opportunity to act if you hear someone has broken into your home or is about to. And so, it helps!

A Sense Of Security

And finally, a shut door will give you a better sense of security that will automatically improve the quality of your sleep. It is all about Psychology if you think about it!