15 Designers Who Know How to Do Their Job Just Right

  • 2:00 pm December 26, 2020
  • Ravi

Sometimes, looking at another designer's gizmo, we think, "Who would need it?" However, the creators presented in this article are of a different nature and the things made by them are not only cool but also very useful. We collected 15 unusual works that will be liked even by those who think they’ve already seen everything.

1. This Canadian $2-coin with a picture of the northern lights glows in the dark:

2. This metal strip at a local bar is freezing cold to keep your beer cold:

3. A simple and stylish sign for a yoga studio

4. This restaurant has a breathalyzer on the counter where you pay so that you can understand whether it's worth driving or not.

5. This building in Chicago has a map of the surrounding area with its own location marked:

6. "My University sent me a wallet-sized version of my diploma."

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7. This stall for your dog outside a supermarket in Copenhagen:

8. This building has a realistic statue of a police officer:

9. Marvel store bag for those who want to feel like a hero

10. Simple and showy

11. The contents of this empanada are labeled on the crust.

12. This hotel's mirror tells the weather:

13. This library has a vault you can go into to talk on your phone:

14. This umbrella rack has locks and keys to keep your umbrellas safe from thieves:

15. This ice cream has comics on it: