9 Weird Images That Can Scare the life Out Of You! DO NOT SEE THEM ALONE!

  • 12:59 pm February 4, 2021
  • suhas

We have compiled a few images that are petrifying to say the least! You must have come across a lot of images but these sure are super duper crazy. We have a suggestion for you. Please do not look at these images alone. Specially in the dark!

The One in 1962

This one was captured in the year 1962 and till date nobody could prove that this one is fake! Is this a UFO? Is this something else? Is there somebody constantly watching you?

Mother Behind!

Before you assume anything, this isn't a fake image. This photo was taken by Mabel Chinnery in 1959. She and her husband were going to visit her mother in the cemetery, and Mabel wanted to take a picture of her husband in the car. Now they say this is the mother sitting right behind. Wow!

Mystery Man

Do you see the man sitting right next to this woman? According to her, she was alone and nobody was there! This photo was taken on a military fleet base in Somerset, England, in 1987 and nobody could explain what that man is doing right there.

The Falling Man

This isn't a painting but a photo clicked by Cooper family during a celebration in their new house in Texas. Also, this was much before photoshop was released. Scary!

Popular One

This is one of the most famous petrifying images of all time. It is believed that in this photo we see Dorothy Walpole, also known as "Brown lady." her past is tragic. Her husband suspected her of cheating on her and imprisoned her. She passed away all sad and lonely. They say she yet lives there!

Water Faces

This one was clicked in 1924! There are several theories behind these d=faces in the water. None of them says his picture is fake! So something was definitely not right here!

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See the Unseen

This images was clicked by a priest in Newby Church in North Yorkshire, England. We can see what should not be seen!

Confusing Image!

What do you make of this image? A perfectly clicked image or something is terribly wrong? Confusing, right?

Maybe Or Maybe Not!

We'll leave you with this one. Why? Because let's end on a less scary note. This is just a commercial for the Malaysian movie Bangunan. Or maybe not!?