Every Woman Should Know This Life Saver Trick!

  • 3:24 pm September 14, 2018
  • Hazel

Women around the globe carry napkins with them in their purse. You must realize that these napkins and panty liners experience other beneficial uses as well, not in a minute to absorb the menstrual flow. These napkins are hyper-absorbent, deodorizing, and disposable clean pods wrapped in line and in isolation packaged in rainproof forced containers. These remarkable properties find time for them the perfect tool for numerous altered different uses. Here are some tricks for you to learn which are life savers.

To protect cuts

Napkins can be of great use. It’s as they are perfect for stopping the flow of blood and to put a stop on little or bulky cuts. So, if you don’t give birth to the fitting remedial tackle and tools with you or your bandages own been exposed to dirt so therefore these clean napkins and stick will complete the task, perhaps level healthier than the bandages.

The reason

It’s for the reason that of the napkin’s absorbency, toughness, and clean packaging. You must and recognize that the shell of a newly baked pad tin plus kindly wait for medicated cream that is capable of put a stop to corruption and it will swiftness up the remedial process.

Other measures

Put on a piece of a clean handkerchief on your wound and acquire it with a tape. Don’t tie it moreover tight, as a result, the wound know how to be bubble-like and the blood tin circulate at the invariable time.

So, if you are skating, mountaineering or burden any other category of corporeal activity, afterward you must continually engage in a clean duster with you and several tape measure you container use up them as exceedingly actual DIY bandages.

Use them to filter dirty water before boiling for drinking

Did you know that you can use these napkins as a water filter as well? Sometimes if you are in some desperate situation, where you are forced to drink water from a source, for which you think it’s not good and clean, you can use these napkins. It’s because boiling alone may not be enough to make it safe for drinking. So, if you are forced to drink water from streams and other natural sources of water, then you can reduce the risk of consuming harmful material by using a napkin as a water filter.

Here’s what you need to do – first, you need to fill up a large container with the “water”. Then, you should open up an unscented sanitary napkin and put it over the mouth of the water container. You should secure the sanitary napkin tightly with some tape, string or anything you can use to keep the napkin in place. Now, when you pour out the water, the sanitary napkin will filter all the dust, pebbles and even some metals from the water. Well, you should know that this filtering method isn’t 100% effective and it can’t clean the water from all harmful materials and bacteria, but it’s a big step in filtering the water. You should know that this filtering technique can save many lives. So, if you are in this kind of position, then you should definitely try this simple filtering trick.

Use them to make a cheaper shadow shield

You can also use these sanitary napkins to make a shadow shield. Many women around the world use shadow shield, when they don’t want their eyeshadow to get everywhere as they are putting it on. But, you already know what I’m talking about, right? So, if you want to make a cheap shadow shield from a sanitary napkin, then you should use thin napkins and panty liners. Here’s what you need to do – just cut them up equally into 3 pieces. Then, you need to take one of the pieces, peel off the covering and stick the entire thing on the back of your hand – in order to lessen the stickiness for the next step. Not, you need to stick a part of the pad to your cheeks, right bellow your eyes – with the rest of the pad sticking out. And you are all done – you have your own shadow shield. It all depends on how much coverage you want to get – you can make from 2 to 4 cheap shadow shields with each napkin. You should share this trick with your friends and family.

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Use them to grow some beans or alfalfa seeds

Did you know that you can use these napkins to grow some beans or alfalfa seeds? Well, actually there is a project for introducing little girls to the water-retaining qualities of pads and napkins. You need to soak a pad with water to capacity and put it in a glass jar that’s lying down flat. Then, you should sprinkle the seeds of the sprouts, which you want to grow. You can put this jar near a sunny window and after some time it’s going to sprout some delicious tiny produce, that you can put in your favorite meals.

Use them to clean up wet messes

These small sanitary napkins also work as an indestructible paper towel. So, they work great as a small-sized disposable cleanup pad. This is even better if you find napkins that contain baking soda in them. Here’s what you need to do: first, if you have a dirty microwave – you should soak a sanitary napkin in some water and nuke the wet pad for about 1 minute. This steams up the inside of the microwave, softening up whatever’s stuck on its walls, roof and floors. You can use the same sanitary napkin to wipe the entire thing off when you are done with it. You should repeat the same process, if it’s necessary.

You should also know that you can use napkins to soak up melted ice and take care of strange gooey messes in the refrigerator. And, let me say this one more time – if you find sanitary napkins with baking soda, then you should get some. Because they are perfect for deodorizing the refrigerator after cleanup. It’s very simple and easy: just open your refrigerator and put it in. The napkin will absorb the odors automatically. You can even use the sticky side to place the napkin on the roof or walls of your refrigerator.

Use them to control your sweating

You can also use these sanitary napkins as a deodorizing, comfortable, and disposable shoe pads. All you have to do is put them in your shoes before you wear them. This is a great way to get rid of the bad odor, for someone who has sweaty feet. You can also use these napkins as an instant pair of armpit sweat protectors. You just have to stick them to the inside of your shirt’s armpit. And, when they are completely soaked, you can replace them with new ones. Or, if you are a small person, then you can use 1 napkin for both armpits – just cut it in half. You can do this trick if wearing formal attire gets you sweaty. This is very useful, because the napkin won’t be noticeable under several layers of clothing.

Did you know that you can use these sanitary napkins as a headband as well? The famous Formula 1 racing driver Nico Rosberg used to wear these napkins under his helmet to mop up the sweat, so it won’t run into his eyes. The famous fashion stylists also use these napkins inside garments on photo shoots to absorb sweat and stop a ring forming around the armpit.

Use them as breast pads

These extremely useful napkins are also very effective if you are breastfeeding and you suffer from leaky boob syndrome. So, don’t waste your money on breast pads. Here’s what you need to do – just cut a sanitary napkin in half and stick it into your bra with the adhesive on the back and you are good to go.