10 Chips Brands That Sell You Air Generously

  • 8:41 pm July 21, 2018
  • Hazel

When we think about the munches for any time you feel slightly hungry, you probably opt for chips and other junk food that is tin-packed or foil packed. Did you ever think how they make it and how much air do they put inside the packet, that is safe for you to eat? There are many things that these brands do to get the maximum out of their business. They do take care of the taste but how do why do they put this generous amount of air inside our packets? It’s sole business and you they might sell you this with all the sales tricks. They literally sell you, Air! How dumb we are to fall to their dirty little tricks. Now, that we have revealed to you how much air is inside your chips packets, you might probably think twice before you buy them the next time…


pringles is love but you will get really irritated by how the brand fools you into buying 28% of air with it! You might enjoy munching on it but it sure does make raises questions behind the percentage of air that they sell!


Lays literally has a reputation for selling more air than chips and they still do it! The potato chips need the air for it to be good quality before you consume it but it still does make no sense of filling it with 41% of air!


Fritos is no less than any other brand but this one on the list sells a bit less air than the others. Only 19% of the is filled up in their packets and the rest is just Fritos for you to enjoy!


Cheetos is the most loved chips among the kids and some adults too. It is not just a brand but we have memories with that thing. Remember the little toys that we got inside it. Well, that is not the only thing that they sold, this brand shamelessly sells more than half of the packet filled with air!


Ruffles being a reputed Brand has literally 50% Air in their packets. I wonder if people are blind and still buy such brands while the trick you into buying the air inside it!


Terra chips are no less than all the other brands on the list and so it also sells a huge amount of air, in the name of chips. Almost half of the packet is filled with air and the rest that is left is chips. This sales trick has gone too far!

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The air in the chips is to control it from the damage and so that it doesn't crack up while they are delivered. But the brands have taken this as an oportunity to sell air instead of an adequate amount of chips.


The bag Hargreaves measured was 48 percent air and just 52 percent chips. That's bad news for Doritos lovers. It's far from the expectations and it really irritates you when you open and find a lesser amount of food than you actually assumed!

Tostitos Scoops

Tostitos are more than tortilla chips and dips, they’re an invitation to catch up with friends, so get together already!

But it has 34% of the air in it. So the next time you buy it for a get together you know that one packet might only serve the half of it!

Lays Baked

The Lays packets are filled with so much air that is actually Nitrogen which keeps the chips from going stale. Nitrogen also hinders the growth of bacteria and other germs. But that is too much nitrogen that they sell!